Facets Workflow™

  • medium-man-speaking-jpg-362x246Streamline workflow to increase efficiency and improve critical business processes.

    Creating a smooth and integrated workflow is essential to improving efficiency and performance. The TriZetto Facets Workflow™ application helps you improve workflow in claims administration, client service and new-group administration.

    The Facets Workflow application streamlines the delivery of work to users, helping improve critical business processes and automating manual tasks. This can help you reduce errors as well as administrative costs while enhancing constituent satisfaction. The Facets Workflow application prioritizes and routes tasks based on the business rules your staff defines. Configurable itineraries automatically manage follow-up work along pre-defined action paths. And the Facets Workflow application uses natural language, so even employees who don’t have extensive IT training can add or modify rules for business processes.

    Resolve more client service issues on the first call.

    The Facets Workflow application includes advanced client service features that improve your ability to research and track inquiries from members, providers, groups, subgroups and non-members. Your client service representatives can access a wide range of information—from claims, to billing, to provider UM—all from client service screens. As a result, they can answer questions efficiently and accurately on the first call, improving your rates for first-call resolution and helping you reduce costs and improve client satisfaction.